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The Original Composite Plastic Starch Tray innovated by MFG

                                                            First manufactured in 1972
             Used by more confectionery manufacturers than any other make of plastic starch tray

Already in use with many major companies in the confectionery industry.


Molded Fiber Glass Tray, MFG Tray, is the original manufacturer of Plastic Composite Starch Trays.
MFG Tray brings an array of performance differentials to Starch Trays, including high strength-to-weight ratios, temperature stability, dimensional stability, and outstanding performance features with long service life to ensure exceptional value.

MFG Tray  also supply major confectionery companies with Gum Drying Trays.

MFG Tray  extensive experience in the replacement of wooden starch trays with plastic composite. Many of their major clients, at some of the largest jelly and gum production sites in Europe have changed completely over to plastic composite from wood, mixing both wood and plastic trays together with great success during the change-over period.

MFG Tray Composite Plastic Starch Trays are widely in use on NID, Makat, and Winkler & Dunnerbier mogul lines all over the world. Through their long experience, MFG Tray have, probably, the widest range of standard tray moulds available for plastic starch trays in the industry, resulting in quick despatch times and considerable cost savings on tray mould cavity costs.  
Alternatively if the starch tray dimensions are unique, then MFG tray will create a new mould. Using samples of the original trays when replacing existing wooden starch trays or by working with the mogul manufacturer to supply a completely new line.

MFG Europe service customers across European territories and provides the necessary support to give you the confidence to move forward on your starch tray requirements. MFG Tray products are manufactured with rigorous attention to quality, and the company continuously strives to exceed customer expectations for product performance and value.

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